Teeth - How To Keep Them Healthy


As long as parents care for the health of their children’s teeth they will make sure that they are checked every six months but as children get older it is up to them to look after their teeth. Here are some easy suggestions on how to keep your teeth in good shape.


  • Use an electric toothbrush. It can remove food and other things better than a toothbrush.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste and brush your teeth especially where they meet the gum.
  • After that use dental floss and go around each tooth. This will get rid of any food that is still left between your teeth.
  • Use a mouthwash and gargle for about 30 seconds ,or you could use salty water to clean your mouth.
  • Be careful about the food you eat. Don’t overdo it with chocolate, energy bars or candy. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • Red wine, fruit juices and vinegar on salad can harm your teeth and destroy tooth enamel .
  • Do not crack nuts, chew pencils or open bottle caps with your teeth.
    Visit the dentist regularly. They have everything they need to check out your teeth and find holes or other problem spots .

There are connections between bad teeth and heart disease or strokes. If you find or feel something unusual go to the dentist right away.


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  • chew = to move up and down with your mouth when you eat food
  • dental floss = the strong string that you use for cleaning between your teeth
  • good shape = healthy
  • enamel= the hard smooth outer surface of the teeth
  • especially = more than normal
  • gargle = to clean the inside of your mouth by moving water from one side to another
  • gum = the area of pink flesh where your teeth are fixed to
  • harm = damage
  • mouthwash = water that is used for cleaning teeth and getting rid of bacteria
  • remove = take away
  • stroke = an artery that has blood in it suddenly breaks open, so that you cannot longer move some muscles; you may even die
  • suggestion = tip
  • vinegar = a sour liquid made from wine that you use on a salad