The Holocaust

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When the Nazis came to power they people who were not real Germans . They wanted to get rid of Jews, , homosexuals as well as weak and disabled people. Hitler thought that the Jews were the most dangerous . At first they lost all of their , their shops were closed and many of them lost their jobs. Later on they were killed in German camps .

The memorial plate at Ausschwitz-Birkenau

During the war they often had to live in areas of big cities , called .There, many of them starved and lived under very bad conditions. The biggest ghetto was in Warsaw. By 1943 only 70,000 of the half million Jews who lived there .

At the Wannsee in 1942, Hitler and his followers decided to finally the Jewish problem . All over Germany and eastern Europe they built special in which the Jews were killed. The most famous of these camps was Auschwitz in Poland.

The Jews first thought that these camps were places where they had to . Most of them , however, were taken to big with showers hanging from the walls. There they were and their bodies were . All in all,more than six million Jews died in the .