China Plans to Open New Silk Road


China is planning on opening a modern version of the ancient Silk Road. The new route is called One Belt, One Road. The land route, called “Silk Road Economic Belt” will link China with Central Asia and Europe, while the sea route, called “Maritime Silk Road” is expected to lead through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. In Europe the route will lead as far as Venice and Rotterdam. China wants to invest a total of over $100 billion into the new project.

China hopes that the new Silk Road will improve its influence in Asia.  Chinese officials desperately want to connect to the rest of the world. They see the Silk Road project as a long term investment plan. The new route is expected to bring an economic boost for China’s trade with the west. The project calls for the construction of modern highways, railroad lines and pipelines to the west. It will offer Chinese construction companies thousands of new jobs.

The original Silk Road was a network of ancient paths that connected the Europe and the Far East. It led through deserts and mountainous regions. The road originally got its name from trading silk between China and Europe.

For China, building such an economic route may also bring peace to China’s western provinces. Xinjiang, an autonomous region in the north-western part of the country, has often stated that it wants to break away from China.

Central Asian countries would, no doubt also profit from the new Chinese economic adventure. Some see the new Silk road as a chance to get closer to Europe. On the other hand, European Union officials are worried that Turkey and other countries in the region may intensify their economic ties with China. Especially Turkey is wary about failed attempts to establish closer ties with the EU.



New Silk Road

Ancient Silk Road


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  • ancient = old
  • attempt = try
  • autonomous = independent
  • billion = a thousand million
  • boost = improvement, increase
  • break away = not be a part of a country any more
  • call for = plan
  • construction company = company that builds houses, roads, bridges etc.
  • desert = large area of dry land that has very little water and is often covered with sand
  • desperately = badly, very much
  • especially = above all
  • establish = create
  • improve = to make better
  • influence = power, control
  • intensify = strengthen, make something better or stronger
  • lead = go through
  • link = connect
  • long-term = something that will last for a longer time
  • maritime = about the sea
  • mountainous = covered with mountains
  • network =system
  • no doubt = something that is certainly true
  • offer = provide, give
  • official = person who is in a high position in the government of a country
  • originally = at first
  • pipeline = pipes that are underground, used to transport water, oil and gas
  • profit = to have an advantage
  • silk = fine smooth cloth made by a wormlike creature
  • state = to say officially
  • ties = connection, relationship
  • trade = to buy and sell things
  • wary = very careful; not trust somebody