Where Young People Are Better At Work Than Older Ones


Many younger people are better when it comes to getting the job done than older ones. At least that is what  management expert Stephen Denning says in his book “ The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management ”.

The role of   managers   has changed in today’s world. While the manager of the 20 th century had to   supervise   people and teach them how to do things today’s managers have to motivate their workers and get them to like their job.

Denning points out that there are some areas where younger people fulfill   these requirements   better. For one, they are able to find information faster than older workers, who are not that familiar with how the internet works. They can download  data faster and install software quicker than older   colleagues .

A Stanford study has shown that younger people can write and communicate better than older ones, simply because they have been doing it since they were children. The  study says that texting   messages and staying online most of the time improves your communication skills .

The younger generation is more mobile and  flexible when it comes to changing jobs.  They can adapt   more easily to the changing world and   take on   jobs that do not   depend on   experience   alone. Many young people start their own businesses if they find out that they can’t find a job. They often do this with little or no money at all. They often choose part-time   jobs, just for the  sake   of being   employed . Younger people have found out that there is no such thing as a  secure   job. And being older and more  experienced   is no longer the  key   to success.



Many young people don’t care so much about how much money they earn and how fast they can climb up the   ladder of success . They care about where the live and their quality of life.




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  • adapt   = change
  • business   = company
  • colleague   = a person who works with you
  • communication skills   = how you communicate with other people
  • data   = information
  • depend   = affected by
  • employ   = to give someone work
  • experience   = knowledge that you get from doing things very often
  • flexible   = a person who can change situations easily
  • fulfill   = complete, do
  • improve   = to make better
  • key   = solution answer
  • ladder of success   = the way up your career step by step
  • management   = organization
  • manager   = someone who has the job of organizing a company
  • mobile   = move easily
  • motivate   = to make someone want to do something and make them really want to work
  • part-time   =  only for part of the day or week
  • requirement   = something that someone needs or asks for
  • sake   = in order to be
  • secure   = permanent; a job that you have for a long time
  • study   = piece of work done to find out more about a subject
  • supervise   = manage , oversee
  • take on   = do
  • text   = to send someone a written message on a mobile phone