City of the Future in New Mexico


A new $1 billion city is being built in the desert of New Mexico. However, the city will be different from many other cities around the world. Nobody will be living in it, but thousands of people will be working there.  The new city of the future will be a gigantic practice area, to which companies can come and  try out new projects.

CITE, which stands for  Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation,  is a project of a fake American town. In an area of about 15 square miles companies can carry out projects in transport, security, farming and communications. The information collected  will be sent to a large underground IT center.The managing directors of the project say that without any people getting in the wayurban technologies can be developed and tested more quickly. Such new technologies range from driver-less cars, intelligent transportation systems, to new energy-saving devices or concepts of city farming.

The city will offer everything that a conventional city has - office buildings, churches, schools, recreational areas and shopping malls. Its founders say they want to give testers as much of a real environment as possible.



The project's founders have had trouble finding the right place for CITE.  In the end, the New Mexican desert was chosen as the location of the high tech city, which should begin operations in 2018.



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  • billion = a thousand million
  • concept = plan
  • conventional = traditional; everyday
  • develop = grow, make
  • device = small machine or object that does a certain job
  • fake = not real
  • founder = person who has invented or started something
  • getting in the way = here: interfere with; get involved in a disturbing way
  • gigantic = very, very large
  • however = but
  • managing directors = the people who operate and are in charge of the project
  • operations = here: start working
  • range = go from .... to ...
  • real environment = here: the real world around us, in which we live
  • recreational = free time
  • security = safety
  • urban = city