CIA Gave Nazis Protection After World War II


A document that the United States government has tried to keep secret for years  reveals  that American  officials protected  German Nazis and their helpers after World War II.  The report states  that the CIA let Nazis enter the country and used them for gathering information.  A special organization made up of lawyers , historians and investigators was created to find and deport Nazis who were hiding in America.

One of the Nazis mentioned in the report is Arthur L. Rudolph, a German scientist  who was brought to the US because he knew a lot about rockets. Later on, the American government found out that Rudolph played an active role in employing slave labourers in Germany during the war.


The CIA also helped  Otto Von Bolschwing, one of Adolf Eichmann’s close aids . After the US  Justice  Department learned about Von Bolschwing in 1981 they wanted to deport  him, but he died in the same year.

The report also states that the USA was trying to hunt down Dr Josef Mengele, a German SS officer  and doctor who was called the Angel of Death. A sample  of Mengele’s hair was kept in a  secret drawer and turned over to Brazilian government. Through DNA  testing the Brazilians found out that Mengele never entered the US and died in 1979.


The report also found out that Switzerland had bought Nazi gold, which was taken away from Jewish prisoners before they were killed in the gas chambers.

Since the end of the 1970s over 300 Nazis have been deported  or not admitted to enter the United States. Some even lost their citizenship . The report also says that far less than 10,000 Nazis  escaped  to the US, as government  officials claim .



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  • admit   = to let into
  • citizenship   = the legal right of belonging to a country
  • claim   = say, argue
  • close aid   = you are trusted by your boss
  • deport   = send back
  • DNA   = material that has the genetic information of body cells
  • drawer   = part of a desk that you pull out and push in
  • employ   = to give someone work
  • escape   = to get away from
  • gather   = collect
  • investigator   = someone who tries to find out facts and the truth about a crime or a problem
  • Justice Department =  section of the American government that deals with the law and carries out criminal investigations
  • lawyer   = someone who has the job of advising people about the law
  • mention = to  talk about
  • officer   = high-ranking soldier
  • official   = someone who is in a high position in an organization
  • prisoner   = someone who is captured and kept in a place
  • protect   = guard, defend, keep safe
  • reveal   = show
  • sample   = a small part of what has to be examined or checked out
  • scientist   = a person who is trained in science and works in a laboratory
  • se c ret = something that only a few people know about
  • slave labourers   = people who worked in special camps and had to do  hard work without getting any money
  • state   = to say in a document