Titanic Exhibit at Las Vegas Hotel


Over 1,500 people died when the  ocean liner  Titanic hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic in 1912. The unsinkable ship, as the Titanic was called by many, caused one of the biggest  disasters  of history.   Now the story of the Titanic is told at an exhibition at a Las Vegas hotel. Visitors get a boarding card  with a name of one of the passengers and can find out what happened to them. They can also observe many  artefacts and original items that were on the Titanic. Even a huge iceberg is  on display  to give visitors a feeling of how cold it was when the Titanic hit disaster.





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  • actual   = real
  • artefact   = tool or object from the past
  • boarding pass   = a piece of paper that allows you to go on a ship or plane
  • china   = hard white material that you make when you bake clay at a high temperature
  • considered   =  thought to be
  • disaster  = catastrophe
  • discover   = to find for the first time
  • essence   = spirit, heart
  • exhibit   = show, display
  • fate   = the things that happened to someone
  • feature   = show
  • furnished   = with furniture like tables, chairs etc..
  • hull   = the main part of the ship that is in the water
  • hypothermia   = an illness you get when it is very cold
  • jewellery   = small things that you wear for decoration
  • memorial wall   = place that reminds people of someone who has died
  • noteworthy   = famous
  • ocean liner  = very big ship with many passengers
  • on display  = is shown
  • perish   = die
  • replica   = the exact copy of something
  • supposedly   = what many people believed was true
  • survive   = to live on
  • toiletry   = things you need when you go to the restroom
  • unadorned   = plain, very simple
  • wreck   = the ruins of the ship