The Oasis of the Seas - The Biggest Cruise Ship in the World


The Oasis of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship. It can carry up to 6,200 passengers, who are served by over 2000 crew members. The vessel is 40% bigger than any other cruise ship in the world , has a weight of 225,000 tons and is five times the size if the Titanic. It has a total of 15 decks and is as high as a twenty- storey building.

The ship was built in Finland and is owned by Royal Caribbean International. Its maiden voyage is scheduled for early December 2009. The ship is stationed in Fort Lauderdale Florida, from where it will go on week-long cruises of the Caribbean Sea.


The Oasis of the Seas has virtually everything a tourist can dream of. Biggest attraction is a giant open-air theatre for 750 passengers that is a swimming pool by day and an entertainment arena at night. Passengers can wander through a park full of real trees and exotic plants, eat and drink in 24 restaurants or travel up and down between decks in a movable bar. There is something for everyone: a small golf course, a basketball court, an ice rink and two rock-climbing walls for those looking for athletic activities. Mothers can leave small children in nurseries while they go shopping in the ship’s boutiques.

The best and latest technology makes the Oasis of the Seas one of the most modern ships on the seas. But, the captain says, it’s very easy to manoeuvre because everything is automated and runs with computers.

The owners hope that the Oasis of the Seas will earn them a lot of money. The vessel cost over 1.5 billion dollars to build and with a starting price of about 1,700 Euros for a nine day cruise it is not exactly cheap. But spending a holiday on the world’s biggest ship should be worth something.


Oasis of the Seas - The Biggest Cruise Vessel in the World

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  • attraction = an interesting place
  • automated = things go or work by themselves
  • court = an area for playing games
  • cruise = a holiday trip on sea
  • cruise ship = a large ship that people spend holidays on ; it has restaurants, bars and other attractions
  • entertainment = things that make people and make them happy
  • exotic = from faraway places
  • ice rink = area where you ca go ice- skating
  • maiden voyage = the first journey or trip that a ship makes
  • manoeuvre = steer, to move in a certain direction
  • movable = something that can move and is not fixed in one place
  • nursery = a place where young children are taken care of while there parents work or are somewhere else
  • open-air = something that exists outdoors
  • schedule = plan
  • serve = work for
  • size = how big something is
  • stationed = the home port of the ship
  • story = floor
  • technology = equipment, machines and computers on the ship
  • vessel = ship
  • virtually = almost nearly
  • wand = walk around a place
  • weight = how heavy something is