The Russian Revolution





The Russian population suffered very much during the war. They did not have enough food, and wood for heating was also rare. They blamed the Csar, Nicholas II, for Russia's bad situation.

In 1917 rebels forced Nicholas II to step back, so they could take over government. The Germans weakened the Russians further by helping Vladimir Lenin , who had been living in Switzerland, return to his home country. As soon as he came back to Russia he took control of Russia's government and started peace talks with Germany.

Germany was in a better position and forced Russia to give up a lot of land. It lost Finland, parts of Poland and the Baltic states. Fighting on the eastern front ended in early 1918. Germany could now concentrate on fighting in the west.





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  • Baltic states = the states between Russia, the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia
  • blame = to say it's someone's fault
  • concentrate = focus on
  • force = to make someone do something
  • government = the people who rule a country
  • peace talks =to find a peaceful solution to stop fighting on both sides
  • population = the people of a country
  • rare = there was not enough of it
  • step back = resign; stop being tsar
  • suffer = to feel pain
  • weaken = to make weaker